Naturally good

Forget the run-of-the-mill sodas! Holypop is one of a kind.

Holypop (or the divine soda) is a fizzy, refreshing and delightful soda. Its recipe is all-natural and was created more than a century ago by monks living in the French Alps.

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Drink good

What’s in Holypop ? Only delicious, natural and organic things ! Holypop is flavored with plants from the French Alps, real spices, fruits extracts and fair trade cane sugar.

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A century-old recipe now becoming fizzy and refreshing !

A century old recipe 

Since the beginning of the last century, the « Frères de la Sainte Famille », -a French religious congregation-, has been producing drinks known for their beneficial virtues. Holypop was born from this ancient recipe to which we added bubbles and a touch of fun.

Depuis 1905

Feuille de noyer
Feuille de noyer

Good for me

At long last, here is a soda that has a "holy spirit" !

Enjoying yourself is good. While taking care of your body is even better ! Holypop offers you both ! Polyphenols, vitamins and mineral salts for a day without any problems !

Polyphenols Your natural antioxidants!

10 vitamins (B1,B6, C, E...)

5 mineral salts
Calcium, potassium, magnesium…


Good for the planet

An organic and eco-friendly soda

Because we are committed to a full range of values, we believe that action speaks louder than words.

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Holypop’s actions

Since 55 years, Kario(Holypop's founder) is prood of giving 1% of its revenue to contribute in humanitarian projects in developing countries ! Discover these actions ! 


Bouteille de soda HolyPop

Good spirit

"Super Moine"
the guardian of
Holypop's secret

Legend has it that on the top of Mount Holy is a mysterious abbey. It has been attacked by hordes of bloodthirsty warriors many times but no one ever defeated its occupants.
What is the secret of these invincible guardians who don’t fear anything?
Find out all about it in the next episode…

Hache de Barbare
Crucifix de Super-Moine

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